Meet the Leadership Team

We have assembled a team of experts from across the country to drive our Mission and Vision with grit and determination. Meet the people who aren’t only talented and experienced, they’re also nice to be around too.

Charlie Malouf
President and Chief Executive Officer
Charlie is responsible for the strategic direction and execution of Broad River Retail, the largest independently owned and operated licensee of Ashley HomeStores ...
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Manny Rodrigues
Chief Operating Officer
Manny Rodrigues is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Broad River Retail, the largest independently owned and operated licensee of Ashley HomeStores in the United States. Manny joined Broad River in 2014 ...
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Charlie Workmon
Executive Vice President of Operations
Charlie Workmon is responsible for the strategic development and execution of Broad River Retail’s Operations with a focus on developing a premier delivery experience and...
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Christian Adams
Vice President of Retail Performance
As VP of Retail Performance, Christian Adams is responsible for driving sales at Broad River Retail with a focus on establishing consistent processes, creating a learning culture, and setting...
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Bill Woodman
Senior Vice President of Finance
Bill started with Broad River Retail in June 2015. He is a CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and received his undergraduate degree with a major in accounting at Bryant University in Rhode Island...
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Jonathan Houck
Vice President of Merchandising
Jonathan joined Broad River Furniture in June 2011 with almost 20 years experience in brand development, marketing/campaign solutions and product development...
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Harold Hampton
Vice President of IT & Business Intelligence
Harold oversees all aspects of Technology and Business Intelligence for Broad River. Prior to joining Broad River, he spent several years working for multiple startup companies...
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Stephen Carey
Director of Financial Planning & Analysis
Steve joined Broad River Retail in May 2012 as a Controller and was promoted in 2016 to Director of Financial Planning and Analysis. In addition to a background in public ...
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Crystal Mcbride
Senior Director of Human Capital
Crystal joined Broad River Retail in January 2019 as a new member of the Leadership Team. She leads the Human Capital team and believes people are the most valuable asset in an organization. ...
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