What is our strategy?

To create a high performance company that can survive and prosper in a rapidly changing and highly competitive retail environment.

How do we achieve our strategy?

  • We have a sense of urgency about today’s results while adhering to our customer beliefs and core values so that we achieve long-term success. We must strive to deliver a compelling experience to our guests in a profitable manner.
  • We commit to being world class in all that we do. Every associate plays a crucial role in being world class in both sales and customer service.
  • We invest in our greatest asset, our people, because our employees are the primary means for achieving our goals.
  • Lastly, we capitalize on smart growth opportunities that help support our company’s current operations.

The World Class Sales Organization

At Broad River Furniture, selling is about identifying our guests’ home furnishings needs and fulfilling them by providing the right products at the right time. Being a world class sales organization demands collaboration among the sales department and every other department (sales support). It requires personal excellence among every person in the organization.

World Class Customer Service Retailer

We believe and practice our Customer Beliefs, which are:

  • Every Customer is vitally important to us.
  • Every Customer deserves our passion, attention, and extensive knowledge.
  • We must be proud of each and every Customer engagement.
  • Connecting with our Customers is the key to building lasting Customer relationships.

Additionally, we must have highly trained employees who understand our philosophy and are experts in their areas of responsibility.

Employer of choice

We strive to be the employer of choice in all of our markets, and we believe that our competitive advantage comes from the minds of our employees. We seek to find and retain world class employees through training, development, and purposeful career paths.

We believe in systematic learning founded on Aristotle’s concept that “excellence is an art won by training and discipline.” This increases confidence and competence. We equip our employees with world class knowledge and methods in their fields and habituate those behaviors through consistent management reinforcement. The goal is for each employee to be an expert in his or her role.